Arnside Probus Club to treat Ukrainian refugees to Durham day trip

THE Arnside community has opened its doors to a dozen Ukrainian women, including a youngster of primary school age, and a four-month-old baby.

The Arnside Probus Club has organised a trip to Bowes Museum in County Durham on Thursday, June 30, and decided to invite the Ukrainians to join them, to help them settle in and learn a bit more about life in the UK.

The refugees’ male partners have remained in Ukraine to fight the invading Russian army.

The Probus Club chairman, Mike Marcynzski, whose Polish father fought in WW2, commented: ‘It’s been quite an experience for this small community to welcome these people who have had to flee their homeland, leaving their partners behind to continue fighting the war.

“Our club has been overwhelmed by the generosity of local people who want to help give these refugees as near normal a life as possible.

“It must be horrendous leaving your loved ones behind and have to try to settle in a strange country.

“My family background makes me personally aware of how hard it must be for them. My father was abducted by the Russians from university and transported to a labour camp near Murmansk. He was released after two years and was able to join the Polish Army.”

Bowes Museum has offered free entry to the Ukrainian guests and looks forward to welcoming them for their visit.

The group’s coach providers, Bibbys of Ingleton, have also donated a £50 discount for the trip.

Mike added: “I want to do all I can to make these refugees feel welcome and safe.

“My hardest job now is to learn enough Ukrainian to make a welcoming speech when we arrive in Bowes next Thursday.”

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