Carnforth Local Plan leaves football club without chance to expand

THE oldest sport’s club in Carnforth has missed out on building a new clubhouse and other sports facilities – after land earmarked for the development was taken out of the local plan.

Carnforth Ranger’s Football Club had submitted an application to built a new club house, two new pitches and an astroturf at their home ground.

However the land they were planning to built it on has now been removed from the local plan, to the dismay of the club and local councillor.

Club secretary Casey Bragg, said: “We were eager and looking forward to this area being developed. It was going to be the final piece in our little jigsaw to make the club what it should be.

“We agreed on a new club house, two new pitches and an astroturf.

“Lancaster City Council originally supported our application, but we only found our when the inspector published his report for the Local Plan. Sprung on us at the last moment.

“We and Carnforth Council are hoping to gain some public awareness on this situation and try to get take this land back into consideration to be put to better use for the community.

“It means we can’t progress or develop.

“We hope someone in the local area can help us by providing a bit of land that we can develop further.

“The club are willing to explore other avenues with people who know of pieces of land that are available. We hope someone in the area is willing to sell or donate a piece of land to us.”

Councillor Janice Hanson, Lancaster City Cabinet member, said: “After considering the evidence on the benefits and constraints on this challenging site the Inspector, who was appointed to examine the council’s plan took a different view on the balance of the suitability of the site for development and that it was why the council removed the site from its local plan.

“In the meantime, we are working with Carnforth Town Council to find ways in which the provision of sport and recreation facilities can be developed and improved for their communities.”

Carnforth Town Council stated it was disappointed and shared the frustrations of the club after the latest setback.

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