Death of a much loved Kendal man “married” to his job remains a mystery

AN INQUEST into the death of a Kendal man who died suddenly recorded an open verdict due to a lack of evidence over how he died.

John McCrindle, 53, was found dead at his home in Kirkbarrow on July 9 last year.

The Man City fan was said to be “married” to his work as a overhead linesman and was even due to receive a 30 year service award prior to his death.

An inquest heard there was no evidence of a third party involvement or a fatal disease found during the post mortem.

Coroner Craig Smith was told Mr McCrindle’s daughters Leanne and Kimberley McCrindle collected his long service award from Electricity North West in his memory.

A statement they wrote was read to the court, it said: “He enjoyed watching bands live and was an avid member of the scooter community.

“After watching his father work on the overhead lines he was inspired to do the same.

“His kindness knew no bounds.”

Mr McCrindle’s sister Elizabeth Shaw described him as being happy and smiling when she last saw him on a trip to Newcastle with their mum on June 30. “He had a passion for football and Man City, and he loved The Smiths,” she said.

“He was most loved, and was the best dad, granddad, and brother, and will have left a big hole in a lot of people’s lives.”

Ms Shaw also explained her brother’s upset at having to take sick leave from the job he loved the year prior to his death.

Mr McCrindle was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease as well as having a history of colitis, which caused him to go to the doctors and resulted in multiple tests and regular blood tests, the inquest heard.

After a procedure on June 20 2019, no evidence of an infection or abscess was found by specialists and he was due to discuss treatment options with his doctor.

The police officer who discovered Mr McCrindle said there was no evidence of third party involvement in his death and believed he had been deceased for some time.

Coroner Craig Smith said: “He was thought of very highly by those who knew him. His cause of death was unascertained. I record an open conclusion.”

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