Heavy rain cuts power to hundreds of homes across Lancashire and Cumbria as yellow weather warning hits

Heavy rain across Lancashire and Cumbria is affecting power to hundreds of homes.

Electricity North West has reported that hundreds of homes across both counties are experiencing power outages because of the weather. In particular, homes in the Blackburn and Darwen area are being hit badly with more than 600 homes experiencing no power.

In Cumbria, those in St Bees are being affected. A yellow weather warning for heavy rain has been issued by the Met Office.

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The warning is in place until 8pm tonight and flooding is expected. A spokesperson for Electricity North West said: “This power cut has been caused by an unexpected incident on the high voltage cable that provides electricity to your home or business. We didn’t know before your electricity went off that this was going to happen but now we know, rest assured we will get your power back on safely and as quickly as possible.

“Please be aware that all our timescales are estimated based on previous experience and may change if new information becomes available while our engineers are fixing the issue. With high voltage power cuts, we’re often able to get many of the homes involved back on before our estimated time of restoration.”

Here is a list of all the power cuts that have been reported and when power is expected to be restored:

St Bees

Postcodes affected – CA27 0EG, CA27 0DY, CA27 0EF, CA27 0DS, CA27 0ED, CA27 0EQ, CA28 9UR, CA27 0EE, CA27 0DR

Estimated time of restoration – 5.28pm

Blackburn Central

Postcodes affected – BB2 3EU, BB2 3ET, BB2 3EY, BB2 3HG

Estimated time of restoration – 8.18pm

Blackburn Central

Postcodes affected – BB2 3ET, BB2 3EU

Estimated time of restoration – 8.13pm


Postcodes affected – BB3 3PU, BB3 3JS, BB3 3PN, BB3 3PX, BB3 3LG, BB3 2LX, BB3 3LD, BB3 2HT, BB3 2QE, BB3 3LF, BB3 3PY, BB3 3QA, BB3 3PT, BB3 2TT, BB3 2LH, BB3 2LZ, BB3 2TP, BB3 3RQ, BB3 3PW, BB3 3LB, BB3 3LE, BB3 3QU, BB3 2LS, BB3 3QR, BB3 3PP, BB3 2UD, BB3 2BW, BB3 2LQ, BB3 2QD, BB3 2TZ, BB3 2TY, BB3 3LQ, BB3 2HX, BB3 2TU, BB3 2NQ, BB3 3RR, BB3 2HY, BB3 2HZ, BB3 2QF, BB3 2JS, BB3 2HU, BB3 2BT, BB3 2LY, BB3 2NG, BB3 2UA, BB3 2TX, BB3 3PS, BB3 2UB, BB4 2HX, BB3 3LA, BB3 3PR, BB3 2PP

Estimated time of restoration – 4.45pm


Postcodes affected – FY2 9LH, FY2 9LG, FY2 9PP, FY2 9LQ, FY2 9LJ, FY2 9LF, FY2 9PZ, FY2 9LA, FY2 9PJ, FY2 9PL

Estimated time of restoration – 7.13pm

Greensclough, Rossendale

Postcodes affected – OL13 8PN, OL13 8RH, OL13 8PG, OL13 8GB, OL13 8QE, OL13 8QD, OL13 8QL, OL13 8PY, OL13 8RR, OL13 8BT, OL13 8NZ, OL13 8DH, OL13 8DB, OL13 8GA, OL13 8QA, OL13 8RQ, OL13 8QR, OL13 8DD, OL13 8GE, OL13 8RW, OL13 8RP, OL13 8DN, OL13 8PS, OL13 8PZ, OL13 8QN, OL13 8DA, OL13 8PE, OL13 8DJ, OL13 8PU, OL13 8QU, OL13 8DS, OL13 8EQ, OL13 8QF, OL13 8PT, OL13 8GD, OL13 8QQ, OL13 8QG, OL13 8RL, OL13 8PF, OL13 8QZ, OL13 8QH, OL13 8RB, OL13 8RN, OL13 8PL, OL13 8PD, OL13 8PP, OL13 8PH, OL13 8QS, OL13 8RJ, OL13 8QB, OL13 8PW, OL13 8JN, OL13 8QJ, OL13 8QT, OL13 8DF, OL13 8DY, OL13 8QX, OL13 8DX, OL13 8DW, OL13 8PJ, OL13 8RX, OL13 8ED, OL13 8EE, OL13 8DR, OL13 8PQ, OL13 8DG, OL13 8DZ, OL13 8PB, OL13 8PA, OL13 8BP, OL13 8QP, OL13 8PX, OL13 8PR, OL13 8EB, OL13 8EA, OL13 8BJ, OL13 8QW, OL13 8DP, OL13 8RU, OL13 8QY, OL13 8DL, OL13 8BS, OL13 8DQ, OL13 8BZ, OL13 8ER, OL13 8DU

Estimated time of restoration – 3pm


Postcodes affected – LA4 5LW

Estimated time of restoration – 4pm


Postcodes affected – PR4 1AD, PR4 1FG, PR4 1EB, PR4 1AW, PR4 1AQ, PR4 1AZ, PR4 1ED, PR1 1LD, PR4 1AX

Estimated time of restoration – Under review


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