‘Hero’ of Uppies and Downies who collected litter after games gets £1k ‘thank you’

A fundraiser has been launched to thank the ‘hero’ of Uppies and Downies this year.

Alan Hall, 16, was walking around the games this Easter collecting litter. The Lakes College student caught the eye of Workington residents for his king act.

He was collecting litter in order to recycle it. Now, a fundraiser has raised more than £1,000 to thank Alan for his kind act.


Uppies and Downies is held every Easter and three games are played – on Good Friday, Easter Tuesday and the following Saturday. Stacey Anderson set up a Go Fund Me donation page for Alan.

She said: “Let’s come together to raise some well earned pocket money for Alan to say a massive thank you for the amazing clean up job he’s been doing at every Uppies and Downies game this year. Mess he doesn’t need to clean… a true inspiration to the younger generation!”

This year’s Uppies and Downies saw Uppies claim all three games of the series. Crowds gathered for the first game on Good Friday as the first game of 2023 kicked off, with people continuing to gather for the other two games.

Dating back to the 17th century, Uppies and Downies is a traditional mass football game. It is played in three matches and it sees those with roots in the upper part of town, the Uppies, try to take a specially-made ball to Curwen Hall.

Meanwhile, those from the lower part, the Downies, try to get it to the harbour. The object of the game is to “hail the ball” and the person hailing it – who becomes a town hero for the night – gets to keep the ball as a prize.

The game brings a sense of community to the town, friends who haven’t seen each other in months are able to catch up and everyone has a good time. To donate to the fundraiser, click here.


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