Holidaymaker dismayed over ban on motorhomes staying overnight in Arnside

A HOLIDAYMAKER has expressed his dismay after arriving at a South Lakeland village to find a ban in place on motorhomes and caravans staying overnight.

The restrictions that run along The Promenade and Station Road in Arnside were introduced to help the movement of traffic and discourage anti-social behaviour.

But Peter Fawcett, who has been holidaying at the village since 1968, was ‘saddened’ by the move. 

He said signs outlining the measures were ‘everywhere’ when he visited in a motorhome at Easter.

“You can’t help but see them,” he said.

“They might as well put a sign as you come into Arnside saying ‘Arnside – do not enter’.

“I have always been a supporter of Arnside in every way.” 

Mr Fawcett, of Cleckheaton, West Yorkshire, felt caravanners were potentially being punished because of the poor behaviour of a small number of people.

“I don’t see why the whole of the motorhoming fraternity should be banned because of one bad apple,” he said.

He called for the introduction of paid overnight parking in the village ‘for the benefit of the commerce of Arnside and people with motorhomes’.

In the county council’s ‘statement of reasons’, a spokesman said the parking of vehicles such as caravans in Station Road and The Promenade hindered traffic movements and had been ‘leading to an increase in anti-social behaviour in the area overnight’.

“The aim of the proposals is to help with the passage of vehicles, emergency and service
vehicle movements and to improve visibility and provide a passing place for vehicles,” said the spokesman.

County councillor Pete McSweeney, who represents the Kent Estuary division, said: “The anti-social behaviour aspect of it really is the emptying of toilet waste into the estuary, litter overflowing the waste bins along The Promenade, just the general disruption.

“I have had many, many complaints about it over the years as a county councillor.”

Cllr McSweeney also said there had been cases of motorhomes taking up multiple parking spaces in Arnside and staying multiple nights. 

New restrictions were first introduced in July 2021. Station Road and The Promenade are currently covered either by double yellow lines or a ban on caravans and motorhomes staying overnight between 9pm and 8am.

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