Kendal children reveal what they want for Christmas this year

YOUNGSTERS in Kendal have revealed what they would like from Father Christmas this year and what delicacies the gift-bringer can expect from them to keep him fuelled as he journeys across the globe.

From unicorns to kittens, ‘Pop up Pirate’ games to ‘lots of slime’ and glow in the dark ‘squishies’ to sharks, children at Heron Hill Primary School are eagerly awaiting the arrival of Christmas.

Kayra Yargici would like a Pop up Pirate game and is excited to find out what best friend Alfie gets for Christmas.

While Samuel Reid would like a transformer.

“Santa comes down my chimney,” he said.

“I can’t wait to see everyone and I wish it could be Christmas every day.”

Amber Mackereth would like an ice cream cart and a puppy and is ready to leave Father Christmas, who comes through her home’s door, a mince pie.

Emmy Hipwell-Dixon would like a yo-yo and will give carrots to the reindeers.

Alfie Harper is hoping for a Mario Kart this year from Father Christmas, who comes down his chimney.

“We leave carrots for Rudolph,” he said.

“I can’t wait to open my presents.”

Meanwhile pupils from year three said they were looking forward to spending Christmas with their families.

The Westmorland Gazette: FESTIVE: Joan, Evie, Noah, Poppy, Alexander, Sophie, Josie from Heron Hill Primary School

Eight-year-old Evie said she wanted lots of slime, glow in the dark squishes and animal crossing.

Father Christmas teleports to her home and can expect a cookie, milk and carrot for his snack.

Phoebe, aged seven, would also like some squishies and is excited for Christmas because ‘you get presents’.

Seven-year-old Matilda is looking forward to receiving lots of Pokémon and spy goodies and advised Father Christmas to ‘karate kick the door down’.

Ben, also seven, expressed concern about Father Christmas burning his bottom on his way down his chimney and said he would also like lots of Pokémon.

Over at Brantfield nursery children were treated with a visit from the big man himself last week.

Abigail said: “I would like Father Christmas to get me a real life unicorn.”

Alfred said: “I have been good every day and I have got a calendar at home.”

Alexander said: “I would really actually like a shark for Christmas.”

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