Kendal dog walker cleans up rat poison left on Scrogg’s Lane

A KENDAL dog walker was shocked when he came across rat poison that had been left on the ground on New Year’s Day.

Shaun Robinson, a deep-sea diver, was walking his dog along on Scrogg’s Lane on January 1, and when he reached the entrance style to the bottom field, he found that raw mince covered in mouse and rat killer had been left on the ground.

He was thankfully able to prevent his three dogs from touching the substance and later returned to clean up the rat poison.

The route is well known for being popular for dog walkers in the area, and Shaun had urged other members of the public to remain vigilant about more rat and mouse poison which could be left on the ground.

He said: “It was on New Year’s Day in the early morning and someone had spread it all over the path.

“It is not a residential area and there are definitely no rats or mice around there so there is no logical reason for it to be there.

“It’s a popular place for dog walkers so this could have been more serious.

“After I found it, I came back with some bags and wipes to clean it all up.

“The worrying thing is that someone must have left it there during the night on New Year’s Eve, and whoever was handling it must have known you need gloves for this, so it couldn’t have been an accident.

“Luckily I found it first and I just want people to be aware of this so that no dogs get hurt from this type of thing.

“There were three empty packets on the ground and plastic gloves around so whoever left it knew it was harmful.

“You can see around 100 people walking down here most days so this could have been very serious.

“I don’t want to see any dogs hurt and I hope others can look out for these things anyway.”

The Westmorland Gazette | News