Kendal residents ‘forced into the road’ for ‘unpredictable roadworks’

Nicole Twist believes it is ‘incredible’ that there hasn’t been an accident on or around the one-way road. 

This week, Motorists warned each other on social media to ‘avoid’ fifteen-minute delays around St George’s Church.

Local resident Nicola Twist said: “The timing is unfortunate because it coincides with the planned disruption already created due to the flood resilience works. 

“Bicycles and cars are entering and leaving the one-way entry point into Castle St, from Wildman Street, making it hazardous for pedestrians. 

“Works lorries turning and reversing the wrong way, as well as limited to one kerb which is parked on. Not good for anyone on foot, able-bodied or not, because people are being forced into the road and with unpredictable traffic direction in what is a one-way street.

“Factor in dark mornings and evenings and it’s incredible there hasn’t been an accident yet. 

The Westmorland Gazette: North West Electricity has worked scheduled until October 30“From signage I saw outside The Waterside Café Kendal, further up the river, that footpath is also closed from next week. 

“The ‘Footpath Ahead Closed’ signage outside of the café states the closure date but doesn’t state the duration or when re-opens – so it’s not very helpful in my opinion.

“When I sought an alternative route, I was met with a second sign on the bridge to Aynam Road.

“Kendal on foot and away from traffic is becoming more of a challenge.”

Works were scheduled to take place in and around Castle Street by Electricity North West until October 30 with ongoing works also taking place by the Environment Agency’s (EA) as part of a flood relief scheme.

The flood defence works began on October 7 and could continue for over 18 months while renovation work takes place on an existing river wall which is damaged.

These works are set to end around June/ July 2024.

A ‘give and take’ traffic management system is currently in place at the road’s junction at St George’s Walk which closes off one side of the road ‘tapering’ traffic into single file.

Closures are also in place at Castle Crescent and St George’s Walk whilst more electricity works, gas works and water works take place. 

The Westmorland Gazette: Pedestrians here have to cross over again further upA Westmorland and Furness Council spokesperson said: “A number of vital works are currently being carried out on Castle Street in Kendal, including flood defence improvements by the Environment Agency and emergency power restoration by Electricity North West.

“We have carefully considered traffic management, footpath closures, and parking restrictions in the area and will continue to monitor the impact of these essential improvement works on the highway network as we always aim to ensure the travelling public remain safe.

“Our thanks go out to the public for your patience and we encourage those travelling in the local area to follow the signed diversions which will help contribute to a safer journey for all.”

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