Kendal residents have say on new Gooseholme bridge

Kendalians have had their say on the town’s new bridge at Gooseholme.

A crane lifted the £2million bridge into position on July 20 and it will open to pedestrians in the autumn.

But the new bridge has divided people, with some thinking the structure is ‘out of character’ for Kendal.

While others have welcomed the ‘fresh’ design.

Chris Maycock said: “Looks great. No problems for wheelchair and prams to cross over now.”

Charlotte Todd said: “Love the bridge. Hate the massive ramp on New Road side!”

Katrina Bell said: “Charlotte Todd it’s likely so it’s wheelchair accessible and safe I think.”

Sandra Wilson said: “Charlotte Todd it’s to slow cyclists etc down and stop them going straight into traffic. Safety etc Although I do agree the ramp is too long, half the size would have looked much better.”

The Westmorland Gazette: A bird's-eye view of the bridge at Gooseholme Picture: David ChapmanA bird’s-eye view of the bridge at Gooseholme Picture: David Chapman

Nathan Wilson said: “I think it looks great!”

Becca Williams said: “I like it, modern and fresh.”

Jacqi Fisher said: “What an enormous eyesore over a small river!! Maybe if it was over the Manchester or Birmingham Canal. Its supposed to be a foot bridge!”

Darren Webster said: “Jacqi Fisher totally agree, completely out of character, more suited to a modern city with heavy traffic!!

“Will be very little usage but built to carry a chieftain tank!! Stonework completely over the top and access ramp pointless?? Why not just lower the “footbridge” to allow flat access across… Or maybe we’re expecting a few cruise liners up the Kent.”

The Westmorland Gazette: The bridge being lifted into place last Wednesday Picture: Anna WilliamsThe bridge being lifted into place last Wednesday Picture: Anna Williams

Caroline Singleton said: “Darren Webster one word. Monstrosity.”

Liz Varela said: “Awful, clumsy doesn’t fit in with Kendal at all.”

Heidi Rigby said: “Looks good!”

Sherry Kathleen said: “I think tax payers money could have been spent in better ways.”

Paul Reid said: “Brilliant.”

Kacey Smith said: “Looks like a weird taco when you walk past it.”


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