Kendal student driver becomes the first to pass driving test in 2021

A KENDAL student has become the first person to pass his driving test in five months, after the lockdown restrictions were lifted.

Matt Tomlinson, 18, is a sixth former at Kirkbie Kendal School who studies Politics, Geography and English Language.

After passing his test with Approach School of Motoring in Kendal, the company put a post on social media marking Matt as the first person who had passed his test in five months.

Matt said: “I took my test on April 29, and it was only afterwards they told me about being the first person to actually get to pass for them.

“I’m glad testing has started again.

“The test itself went alright. We had a good route planned for it and we’d practised a lot with my instructor Paul.

“We knew all the places to go and we had done a lot of practising in the weeks before hand.

“It was all Covid secure. Windows were open and we both had masks on.

DRIVER: Matt was the first person to pass his driving test with the Kendal company in five months

DRIVER: Matt was the first person to pass his driving test with the Kendal company in five months

“I’d like to thank my dad as well as he helped me a lot with the practise.

“The lessons before my test were two hours a week and I had a great teacher.

“We followed a Sat Nav route, did some independent driving, a lot of reverse manoeuvres and parallel parking.

“Got away with just two minors.

“Once you get the hang of being in the car you’ll find it comes pretty naturally.

“I was glad I passed it. Lessons are all booked up now so it would have been October before I got my next chance.

His instructor Paul of Approach School of Motoring, said: “It is good to be back working after such a long time.

“Matthew, like most other driving students has had to be extremely patient with numerous disruptions to training due to the lockdowns.

“The lockdowns have created a massive backlog with lengthy waiting lists for both lessons and tests. Many instructors are now booked up well into the summer

Matt added: “Big thank you to Paul. He’s a legend, great teacher, very calm and teaches you everything you need to know.

“Really great guy.

“It’s great having the freedom that comes with a car now, responsibly of course.”

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