Lake District walk to a lone bench with breathtaking lake views – and a cosy pub at the end

The summer holidays are in full swing and what better way to tire out the children than getting out and about in the Lake District?

Loweswater is a great circular walk that is accessible to everyone and can even be extended onto Crummock and Buttermere. Lots of people combine a walk around Loweswater with a visit to the Kirkstile Inn which is nestled between Loweswater and Crummock.

However, a lot of people stick to the lakeside and forget that going up that little bit higher can be breathtaking. At Loweswater stands a lone bench that is perfect to sit on and take in the views around you.

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The walk to the bench alone is a perfect day out and one you won’t regret. This route takes you along the terrace path above Loweswater returning with a gentle stroll back along the lakeshore.

You can do the walk either way around. However, this way around means you get the climb out of the way at the start of the walk giving you the chance to linger awhile by the lake on the return.

Once you’re done, don’t forget to pop into the Kirkstile Inn, the staff are known for their warm welcome. The Kirkstile Inn has been providing food and shelter for over 100 years.

Kirkstile Inn
Kirkstile Inn
(Image: Russel Wills / Geograph)

It is described as cosy and comfortable, the perfect end to a summer walk – or a walk any time of the year really. The local team are renowned for their warm and friendly welcome whatever the time of day.

Here are all the directions you’ll need for this walk to the Loweswater bench:

To get to this view with minimal effort, its best to park on the roadside at Fangs Brow between Mockerkin and Lamplugh using the postcode CA14 4TY. There is another route to the bench from Maggie’s Bridge.

From the car park, head over the old bridge (not the cattle grid) and take the path to High Nook Farm.

  • Once parked at Fangs Brow, there is a wooden gate where a footpath can be seen leading across the fields, twisting to the left and towards Burnbank Fell. Head along the path towards the fell.
  • After 230 metres, you will meet a wooden signpost for Hudson Place and High Nook. Stay on the path towards High Nook, keeping to the path for another 850 metres, passing through two gates.
  • At the third gate, head uphill for 230 metres until you come across another gate and a stile.
  • Once over the stile, there are three paths to choose from. Take the left path which heads downhill.
  • As you walk downhill, to the left, there should be a view of the Solway Firth and Griffel Fell. In front is Fellbarrow and Low Fell. As the path bends round to the right, you will see views of Whiteside and Grasmoor fells.
  • Once you have gone round the right bend, walk for 220 metres towards the pine trees of Holme Wood appearing in front of you. Loweswater and Crummock water will appear in view in the valley below.
  • There will be a small, sharp uphill climb on the path and the bench will appear about 170 metres in front of you.

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