Man from New Hutton, Kendal, finds possible shark tooth in wall

A MAN has spoken of his surprise after discovering what he believes could be a shark’s tooth in his neighbour’s garden wall.

John Studholme, from New Hutton, Kendal, made the find two weeks ago after a piece of the wall’s limestone came apart and revealed a section of tooth and jaw.

Looking more closely he discovered the other piece of jaw and used epoxy resin to glue the sections back together.

“I found it in part of the garden wall we share with our neighbours,” said Mr Studholme.

“They’d had it built when they bought the house, they’d imported some stone, they think from Cartmel.

“The stone was lying on top of the wall and it fell apart, it collapsed.

“And it exposed one of the teeth.

“I dug around a little bit and I found the other matching bit of the jaw and I put some epoxy resin and glued it together.

“We were both very surprised because we’ve never found anything like that before.”

The 78-year-old, who is a former mayor of Kendal and MP candidate, is planning on contacting Kendal Museum to try and find out more about the specimen’s origins, which he suspects could be hundreds of years old.

“I have another bit as well, it’s very fragile, there’s a bit of jaw bone and a fragile piece of skin,” he said.

“We’re not sure if it is definitely a shark, it could be another big creature of the sea.”

Mr Studholme is now on the lookout for further pieces of history waiting to be discovered in the wall.

“I’ve looked but I haven’t seen anything yet,” he said.

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