‘Not baa-d!’ – Little Urswick youngster helps deliver quadruplets

One Little Urswick youngster is proving that ‘lasses can do it just as good’ when it comes to farming.

Eight-year-old Connie had a special lesson over the weekend when she was tasked with helping with the delivery of quadruplets at her grandparents farm in Bardsea.

Sheila Wood, Connie’s Grandma said Connie was a “big help” when one of her beloved show sheep was in labour.

She said: “I knew it was imminent, so when Connie landed at quarter to eight I said her job is to keep an eye on them and if she saw any heads or legs to tell granny straight away.”

The farm has seen lots of new additions in recent days, with 33 lambs born since Thursday.

Young Connie rushed to tell her grandma when she spotted a head emerging from the sheep.

With a bit of assistance from Sheila the first of the lambs was born.

Sheila said: “I told her that hopefully there’s another three coming out and that she had to keep an eye out again.

“She soon came running saying ‘granny there’s a head!’, and when it came out I told her she has to clean its mouth and she said ‘oh it’s all sticky’.”

Sheila explained to the youngster that its an important step to prevent the lamb from dying, and Connie became keen to help with the next one.

By the time the fourth lamb arrived, Connie was eager to show off her newfound skills.

Sheila said: “She pulled it out and cleaned the mouth and for the rest of the day she had her eye on them.

“It was a good job she was there because we had another 10 lambing at the same time!

“My motto is teach them, let them watch and then let them get on with it.

“It’s part of learning and life, it’s how my dad taught me!

“Lassies are as good as the lads in farming life, and going back it always used to be the lads that took over everything but lasses can do it just as good!”

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