Residents and Cumbria Wildlife Trust find common ground for Lowick Common

A CAMPAIGNER has been left feeling positive after a meeting over the management of a nature reserve.

Kirsty Hubbard, of Lowick, Broughton Beck had previously said she feels ‘frustrated’ at work taking place at Lowick Common, calling it a ‘destruction’ of the land.

After a public meeting with Cumbria Wildlife Trust (CWT) yesterday, which nearly 30 people attended, she is feeling brighter about the future of the reserve. She said: “Some local people who took part were very positive about the bracken management and how it allowed them to walk the common at a time of year when they might not usually.

“People agreed that well managed control of the bracken in some areas was a positive thing. It was also agreed that in some areas path widening could be done by hand and by methods such as scything and bruising rather than by the use of heavy machinery.

“I feel that I was listened to and my concerns were acknowledged, an apology goes a long way.”

CWT echoed the positivity after the meeting. Pete Jones, reserves officer for Cumbria Wildlife Trust, said: “Cumbria Wildlife Trust will be carrying out more bracken clearance in the worst affected areas over in forthcoming years to try to create more open habitat and benefit the iconic species of the site.

“During the meeting we were able to find much common ground around wanting the best for the wildlife of the nature reserve and allowing improved access for local people. We came away feeling very positive about the prospects for this fantastic nature reserve into the future.”

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