Sedbergh School gives update after Covid-19 outbreak

53 pupils have so far tested positive for Covid-19 after an outbreak at a school.

Sedbergh School’s Principal Andrew Fleck gave an update on the situation today, it followed on from Headmaster Daniel Harrison’s letter dated November 14, which reported that a ‘significant’ number of pupils had returned a positive result for the virus.

As a result, a mobile testing unit will be present at the school on Tuesday and Wednesday this week, in order to test all pupils and staff.

“At the time of writing, a total of 53 pupils have been confirmed as having Covid-19,” said Mr Fleck.

“Those pupils are in four different boarding houses and spread across all five year groups.

“The vast majority were asymptomatic, and we must therefore assume that a number of pupils across the school have Covid-19.”

Mr Fleck said that pupils will remain in ‘year group bubbles’ and will continue to be taught online.

“In order to break the chain of infection we will ask pupils who test positive to travel home and isolate for ten days according to government advice,” said Mr Fleck.

“Those who test negative but are in a social bubble with someone who tests positive must isolate for fourteen days.

“Pupils who test negative and who are not in a social bubble with another positive case may remain at school.

“Once a pupil has completed their isolation, they may return to school.

“Pupils who have already left school without undertaking a test, will require a negative test before they return to school.

“When booking the test, the email address should be used in order for the result to be automatically sent to the school.”

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