TikTok video shows trucker driving on M6 in Carlisle wearing elephant mask

A LORRY driver wearing an elephant mask while driving on the M6 near Carlisle could face prosecution says Cumbria Police.

A TikTok video shows two lorry drivers having some fun while driving down the motorway as one films the other wearing a fancy dress elephant head while driving.

The clip that was uploaded last month is thought to be filmed on the M6 near Carlisle.

However, their bit of fun while driving could see them being prosecuted by Cumbria Constabulary.

Police said they are “making enquiries to trace and prosecute” both drivers who are believed to have been transporting live cattle when the video was filmed.

The video shows a red HGV belonging to Martin O’Neill Transport Haulage driving down the motorway on the inside lane.

A Cumbria Constabulary spokesman said: “Driving while distracted can have serious consequences.

“We would urge all drivers to concentrate on driving safely and behaving in a responsible manner while behind the wheel. Officers from the Constabulary’s Mobile Support Group are making enquiries to trace and prosecute both drivers.”

It looks to be filmed by a second lorry driver who pulls up beside the driver’s window, which shows the trucker turn toward the camera looking out of the window wearing a elephant mask.

The furry head – complete with giant trunk and ears – covers the driver’s entire head, but he looks over at his mate through the window twice before lifting his hands off the steering wheel.

Unperturbed by being filmed, the elephant mask-wearing driver puts his foot down and accelerates ahead of the filming lorry while in the inside lane.

The truckers appear to know each other as the clip shows the pair laughing and joking together.

Gareth Ellis, deputy leader of Carlisle City Council said: “We expect all drivers to behave responsibly. Even more so when they are driving such large and dangerous vehicles.

“Lapses of judgement while driving can result in mistakes that last a lifetimes. I am sure the police will be involved if they can determine a crime has been committed.”

Martin O’Neill, 36, owner of the haulage company based in Strabane, Northern Ireland, defended the antics and claimed that there was no law against wearing elephant masks while driving. He told the Daily Mail: “I don’t think it’s against the law for a driver to wear an elephant mask. I don’t see no law that you shouldn’t wear a mask.”

After the video was uploaded to TikTok, the uploader revealed that they were heading towards Annan, a town in Dumfries and Galloway, Scotland.

On the same TikTok profile, which features eight videos with red lorries adorned by Martin O’Neill Haulage, the uploader can also be seen filming more footage.

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