Tim Farron apologises after he breached MP’s code of conduct

MP Tim Farron has apologised after he breached parliament’s code of conduct.

Mr Farron failed to properly declare four donations made to him by faith and immigration groups.

The Westmorland and Lonsdale MP accepted that he did not declare the donations within the 28-day time limit.

His updated register of interests showed that evangelical group Faith in Public donated the services of two policy advisors, an intern and a public relations company, worth more than £49,000.

Mr Farron previously said he set up the group to promote his work on homelessness, refugees and faith in politics.

The Refugee, Asylum and Migration Policy Project also donated the services of a policy adviser for two days a week, to the value of £7,584.

The allegation that he did not declare these donations in time was investigated by the Parliamentary Commissioner for Standards following a complaint from a member of the public, a report said.

The commissioner ruled that the breach should be rectified by annotating Mr Farron’s register of donations.

Explaining the breach, the MP said: “There are a couple of organisations that provide me with staff to help me with parliamentary work to help me serve my constituency.

“Parliamentary rules mean that I have to make a declaration every year, even if the staff do not change.

“I have made 2020’s declarations but unfortunately I made it late as they were due during the pandemic when me and my team were totally focused with helping thousands of local residents here in the South Lakes, during a massively uncertain time.

“As a result we simply lost track of when the declarations had been made up to and when they needed renewing.

“I hold my hands up and apologise for this mistake and I will endeavour to make sure that I keep my declarations up to date as I have done throughout my time as an MP.”

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