Top 10 baby names in South Lakeland are revealed

NEW statistics from Office of National Statistics has revealed the most popular names in South Lakeland from last year.

For boys names, Harry and Thomas were the most popular in South Lakeland with a total of eight newborns given the names.

The name Harry is also number four in the top 10 most popular names in the North West and Thomas being number six, making south Cumbria fit in with the norm in the region.

Nationally, Harry ranked at number five in the UK and Thomas came in at number 13.

For girls names the most popular names in South Lakeland last year was Emily and Freya with eight newborns being given those names.

Emily and Freya do feature in the top 10 for the North West placing joint seventh.

The top 10 baby names for 2019 for boys in South Lakeland:

1. Harry- eight

2. Thomas- eight

3. Arthur- seven

4. William- seven

5. Jack- six

6. Joshua- six

7. Noah- six

8. Toby- six

9. Archie- five

10. Edward- five

The top 10 baby names for girls in South Lakeland in 2019:

1. Emil- eight

2. Freya- eight

3. Elsie- six

4. Ella- five

5. Evie- five

6. Isabella- five

7. Mia- five

8. Molly- five

9. Olivia- five

10. Poppy- five

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