United Utilities resume work on A590 for McDonald’s development in Ulverston

CONSTRUCTION work is set to resume on the A590 for the new McDonald’s development months after contractors were ‘abused’ by drivers.

Temporary traffic lights will be put in place near Booths roundabout at Oubas Hill in Ulverston from today so United Utilities can connect the new development to the water network.

Work initially began on the site in November however it was put to a halt by United Utilities after contractors and staff faced an ‘unprecedented amount of physical and verbal abuse’ from drivers.

A spokesman for United Utilities said the work had been carefully planned with the local council and Highways England in an attempt to minimise traffic disruption and, at the same time, provide a safe working environment for engineers.

However, the work was withdrawn and rescheduled after United Utilities staff received ‘physical and verbal abuse’ from motorists caught up in the delays.

Drivers faced hours of delays on the A590 in November with traffic queuing from Ulverston town centre to Greenodd roundabout as a result of the works.

One motorist said it took over two hours to drive from the Dock Museum in Barrow to Ulverston town centre because of the maintenance work.

Work has resumed on the A590 from today until February 1. Temporary traffic lights will be in place from 9am to 4pm each day and will be removed at regular intervals throughout the day to let traffic through.

A spokesman for United Utilities said the water network had put working practices in place aimed at ‘limiting disruption’ to motorists and residents as far as possible while it works on site.

The company will be using the latest innovative excavation technology to help reduce the time it takes to complete the connection.

A spokesman for United Utilities said: “We have introduced a number of work practices aimed at limiting the time we’re working on site and making sure there are no roadworks in place during rush hour.

“We’re doing everything we can to finish the job and get off site as quickly as possible.”

The new Ulverston McDonald’s, containing a restaurant and drive-thru, is expected to create at least 65 full and part-time jobs for local people

A spokesman for McDonald’s told The Mail the Ulverston restaurant will open its doors in spring.

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