Top 3 Places Where You Can Play Golf in the Lake District


Do you want to spend a relaxing time playing at one of the many outstanding golf courses in the Lake District? Just imagine, rolling vistas, breathtaking views and mirrored lakes surrounding the green lush grasses. You can have relaxing games of golf in one of the country’s most beautiful natural landscapes, especially if you’re considering a place where it’s not too crowded and a different sight from your previous golf club.

In this blog, we will take a look at the top three spots where you can play golf in the Lake District. Let’s get to know these places one by one.

Kendal Golf Club

First on our list is Kendal Golf Club. This golf club is located amidst the stunning views in Lake District. It was established in 1891 on an old racecourse site and since then has flourished to become one of the most renowned golf clubs.

Kendal Golf Club has a shorter course as compared to other golf courses. However, veterans and casual players alike are more than satisfied with the 18-hole round area overlooking the historic sites of Kendal. What’s even great about the course is its limestone drainage that ensures the place is playable all year round.

Whether you’re a veteran, a casual or just a beginner player, you will be welcomed with open arms no matter what your skill level is. And if you’re aiming to improve your skills, you can even book bespoke tuition so you can level up your game or take up golfing for yourself.

Riverside Golf Club

Lying beneath the Howgii Fells in the beautiful village of Ravenstonedale is the Riverside Golf club. This golf club is one of the most peaceful and relaxing courses near the Lake District. It’s located in one of Cumbria’s most idyllic areas and can be easily accessed from the Lakes even if it’s bordering North Yorkshire.

The Riverside Golf Club is a perfect course for both veterans and new golfers. This golf club can accept everyone who visits the place and cater for people of all abilities and skill levels. This course has both open drives and greens dabbed with trees and bunkers and surrounded by the rolling hills of Yorkshire and Cumbria as you go from hole to hole.

Seascale Golf Club

If you are looking for incredible views aside from the rolling hills and traditional lakes, then Seascale Golf Club is the place for you. You’ll be in awe of the beautiful Irish Sea and the Cumbrian coast. When you go there on a clear sunny day, you’ll be able to see the majestic sight of the Isle of Man and Scotland. If you want a change of scenery and the moorlands of the Lake District then this golf course fits you perfectly well.

What’s also breathtaking about this place are the overlooking blue sea and majestic mountains of the Lake District to the East. Seascale Golf Club is ideal for people who want to breathe in the fresh sea air while playing a relaxing game of golf by themselves or with their friends. 

This golf club also accepts everyone from different skill levels, so whether you are an experienced golfer or a new one, you can easily get used to the view and their course at the same time. As an extra, you’ll get a chance to enjoy their catering facilities, changing rooms and bar throughout the year.


Whether you are thinking about golf as a new sport or hobby or you have been a seasoned player for a while, you’ll be able to enjoy the majestic sights in the Lake District and play a relaxing game of golf with these top golf clubs. It’s definitely a win-win situation!

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