Top 3 Vegetarian and Vegan Restaurants in the Lake District

vegetarian meal

There’s no denying the beauty of the Lake District, a popular mountainous region in North West England. It is well-known for its mountains, forests and lakes, which is why it is considered one of the country’s best holiday destinations.

But aside from the gorgeous scenery, the Lake District is also pretty famous for its delectable dishes and prominent distilleries. This region has a penchant for sheep farming. However, if you think that locals don’t serve anything else but meat due to this, then you’re gravely mistaken.

There are actually various vegan-friendly eateries and cafés in the Lake District. So if you’re a vegetarian who’s thinking of visiting this scenic destination, then here are three restaurants you must definitely visit during your trip.

1. Quince and Medlar

Quince and Medlar is a diner set inside a beautiful old building situated near Cockermouth’s high street. This regal restaurant offers a vegetarian fine dining experience with a menu filled with fantastic vegan options far from the usual staples.

Furthermore, they feature organic drinks such as vegan wines and beers. The way they present the food is also awe-inspiring and creative. So if you’re looking for an unconventional vegan restaurant that serves unique dishes, then this is the place for you.

2. The Yard Kitchen

On the border of the Lake District, you’ll find a bustling little market in the Eden Valley called Penrith. Aside from the interesting products from different stalls and stores, this place must be included in your itinerary, as this is where you can find The Yard Kitchen.

This neat and cosy café is located in Brunswick Court, a relatively small courtyard that features independent shops, including a bookshop, wine merchant and many more. Aside from the enthralling location, The Yard Kitchen is popular due to the wide variety of vegetarian and vegan dishes. Furthermore, most ingredients are grown on-site. Thus, customers get to enjoy fresh, organic and natural meals.

3. Kat’s Kitchen

Last but definitely not least. This vegan restaurant list will not be complete without the popular Kat’s Kitchen, which is relatively famous for its strong commitment to cleaning up the planet. For this reason, they only use organic ingredients and sustainable products.

Their advocacy is not just the only thing that makes them interesting, though. All the employees and staff members are hospitable, warmly welcoming everyone visiting their cosy shop. They also have a pretty engaging menu of homemade vegan dishes, treats and snacks. In addition to this, they serve gluten-free cakes, Fairtrade loose leaf teas, and locally roasted coffee drinks that are all delectable.


Most of the time, vegetarians and vegans find it hard to find an ideal place to dine because only a few eateries serve meat-free meals. But luckily, the Lake District is home to lots of vegan cafés and restaurants. Aside from what is listed above, there are actually other dining places to try within the vicinity. Nonetheless, these are the best ones you shouldn’t miss out on when travelling to the Lake District.

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